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Herndon, VA Chiropractor


For 25 years, our chiropractic clinic has been helping patients in the Herndon, VA area recover from injuries due to car accidents, sports injuries, workplace accidents, slip-and-falls, and painful spine conditions.  We’ve helped many people recover from neck pain, back pain, herniated discs, whiplash, muscle sprains, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and other spinal conditions 

If you are a resident of Herndon seeking care that revolves around natural drug-free treatment, then consider NOVA Chiropractic & Rehab Center.  Although we are in Sterling VA,  we are conveniently located to Herndon, VA. and we have the areas top Chiropractors.  Many of our patients are in the Herndon, VA area and both Dr. Ratcliffe and NOVA Chiropractic & Rehab Center have been serving patients of Herndon for more than 25 years.  

NOVA Chiropractic & Rehab Center is located in less than three miles from the Herndon, VA border.   Dr. Ratcliffe and Dr. Banks offers state of the art treatment that is drugless and non surgical to help reduce pain and speed up recovery from injuries. 

Residents of Herndon, VA looking for Chiropractic treatment should strongly consider consulting with a Chiropractor that both lives and practices Chiropractic in Herndon area.    

If you are looking for a healthcare that is natural, optimizes your health, and makes you feel better, then consider Chiropractic.  Chiropractic care treats the spine with spinal adjustments and joint manipulation.  This helps to assist in the overall healing of the body without the use of drugs or surgery. The purpose of chiropractic care is to bring balance to the body and allow for better blood and oxygen flow, reduce pain, improve muscle function, reduce spasms, and reduces the pressure on nerves.   


The NOVA Chiropractic doctors are the choice if you are looking for a Herndon, Va chiropractor.  We are always happy to get on the phone to discuss anything before you make an appointment.  

Chiropractic is very helpful for the following conditions. 

  • Neck pain

  • Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Migraines

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Whiplash

  • Injuries

  • Chronic pain

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Herniated and Bulging Discs

  • Cervical and Lumbar Radiculopathy

Dr. Ratcliffe is the areas top chiropractor and  is an expert chiropractic doctor.   

Our board certified chiropractors are here and ready to help you find the pain relief you deserve. If you live in the Herndon VA area and are looking for a long-lasting solution for your pain that gets to the root of your painful condition, call us today to find out how our doctors can help you.

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Physical Therapy

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Pregnancy Chiropractic

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Chiropractic Adjustments

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