Functional Capacity Testing in Northern Virginia

The Functional Capacity Testing at NOVA is likely the quickest and easiest way to determine your work place ability.

The Functional Capacity Evaluation is an objective, peer-reviewed, published procedure based on the California Functional Capacity Evaluation.  The FCE combines objective real world determinations that are derived from specific testing.  Guessing and estimates have been eliminated, along with their inherent liabilities.  Specific quantifications exist to highlight deficiencies discovered during testing.
The Functional Capacity Evaluation provides work-simulation tests and real world testing.

Mobility: walking and climbing stairs
Postural based tasks: standing and sitting
Strength assessments: lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling
Sensory and perception assessment: blind shape recognition, size difference, temperature, and texture
Balance: balance beam walking, standing, crouching, and reaching
Area / Disease specific quantifications.

The results are correlated with the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, A US Government publication.  The objective results classify your work capacity and produce a report which delineates your ability or limitations.

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