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NOVA Chiropractic & Rehab Center of Sterling is dedicated to helping you get out of pain.

Our Clinic Directors pride themselves on staying ahead in the latest natural approaches to pain management, rehabilitation, and spine disorders. Dr. Ratcliffe specializes in rehabilitation and is also a Chiropractor. The dual specialization that Dr. Ratcliffe has earned has helped him partner with thousands of patients to help get them out of pain, naturally.

Can you give me a case scenario that would give me an idea how you would approach someone’s’ problem?

Beth came to us with some nagging neck and shoulder pain. On examination a number of things are discovered. She has a small partial tear in her rotator cuff and some bone spurs in her spine. We also notice that Beth holds her head 3 inches more forward than she should, she has overactive pectoral muscles, deconditioned lower thoracic muscles (Trap and Rhomboid), and is 30 pounds overweight. Our treatment approach with Beth started with: PNF and Myofascial Release to relax the overactive suboccipital, SCM, and Pectoral muscles; physical medicine modalities to decrease the pain (ultrasound, Interferrential current, electrical stimulation) these are treatments used in physical therapy; posture re-education to keep the scapula stable while moving; strength training for her core muscles; nutrition counseling for weight management and her underlying anemia. We also discovered that Beth has an under active thyroid and had her consult with a specialist for management. In addition, a custom insert in her shoe was made to control foot pronation and to help keep her lower spine in better alignment. Gentle spinal corrections are also used to speed recovery and flexibility.

What if I need to lose weight?

Dr. Ratcliffe takes a dynamic approach to weight loss. We will design a diet and exercise program for you. Our nutritionist will help you with your weight management and the dietary influence on diseases. Your custom exercise plan may include yoga, Pilates, strength, core conditioning, cardiac, agility, endurance, and rehabilitation training.

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